Prior to a bone grafting procedure, you doctor should go over any pre-operative instructions to be followed, as well as any specific details about the surgery. The following general steps are usually included:

  • Application of a local anesthetic to the grafting site
  • The surgeon makes an opening over the bone defects
  • The grafting material is gently placed within the grafting site - alongside the existing bone - and stabilized with a protective coating.
  • The area is sutured - the stitches should dissolve in 7-10 days, but they can also be removed by your doctor.
  • Give yourself about 3 - 6 months for healing

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Like any other surgery, there are risks involved with bone grafting, plus there is a preparation process before the actual procedure. So, it is necessary that you talk to your dentist about the necessary tests, risks, and possible alternatives. We can help you find out more about bone grating, including costs, by contacting our office at 512-872-3658.