Partials typically comprise a metal framework with a gum area and plastic tooth, and attachments, such as metal clasps that hold it in place. Some of the most commonly used partials include:

  • 1. Traditional partials: The denture framework comprises metal clasps that can be C, I, or Y-shaped. The dentures are designed to fit around surrounding natural teeth, though they may require shaping to improve the hold provided by the clasps.
  • 2. Precision attachment partials: These consist of two parts that interlock together: the denture and the crown placed over the tooth. This type of partial denture offers more aesthetic appeal because the claps are not visible.
  • 3. Valplast partials: These are made from a flexible, thermoplastic nylon that is not only biocompatible, but also more translucent than conventional partials. They are strong and easy to install, plus their translucency permits the individual’s natural tissue color to appear through the material, giving it a natural look.

Interested in Receiving a Partial?
Because a partial must fit perfectly in your mouth, it is critical that your dentist be experienced in this area. Our dentists will help you create a treatment plan that is best suited for your case.

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