There are two types of sinus lift procedures, and the one recommended for you depends on the amount of bone you have left.

In preparation for the procedure, your doctor will start by giving you the necessary pre-operative instructions to be followed, as well as the specifics of your surgical process. X-rays and a computed tomography (CT) scan may also be necessary. Afterwards, the following general steps may be included:

  • 1. Application of a local anesthetic to the surgical site
  • 2. Cutting a small incision in the bone to access the sinus cavity
  • 3. Gently lifting the sinus using a small instrument
  • 4. Placement of the grafting material beneath the sinus membrane alongside existing bone
  • 5. Stabilization of the grafting material with a protective membrane
  • 6. Stitches to close the gum tissue

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