In some cases, dentures can be fitted straight after tooth extraction, in which case they are referred to as “immediate dentures”. You will, however, have to visit the dentist beforehand so they can take impressions and measurements of your mouth.

Immediate dentures allow you to maintain your smile and function after tooth loss, while your gums are healing. However, the underlying bone and gum tissue continues to shrink over time, especially during the first several months after tooth removal. If this happens, your immediate dentures may need adjusting, relining, and possibly replacing.

Alternatively, your dentist may recommend that you wait for your gums to heal before getting your dentures to ensure a better fit.

What Are Dentures Made From?

  • Acrylic dentures - Made from an acrylic base that closely matches the shade of your natural gum. The false teeth are set in the acrylic base
  • Chrome dentures - Some partial dentures are made using custom-made Cobalt Chrome base, which has a closely fitting, sturdy, and lightweight structure.
  • Fixed or implant dentures - Dentures can also be anchored to dental implants, improving your comfort and confidence with the enhanced security.

Need to Find Out More About Dentures?
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