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Comprehensive, Life-Changing Services Under One Roof

Additional Dental Services Offer Convenient and Streamlined Care

Getting the comprehensive dental care you need for a healthy, confident smile should be easy. As American Academy of General Dentistry members, we are committed to providing the highest quality care from under one friendly roof. Beyond a wide range of procedures, 8118 Dental Professionals offers additional dental services to make your journey to better health convenient, streamlined and efficient. Our additional dental services further support our mission to fully restore oral health and smile esthetics, no matter your oral health needs. With a 40+ year legacy within the Austin, TX, community, we are proud to be the practice so many turn to for excellence in compassionate, life-changing dental care.

Extra Care and Attention Means Better Oral Health

Additional dental services we offer beyond our core procedures include:

Tooth-colored filling material used to restore decayed, damaged or broken teeth. Composite blends naturally with teeth and is a more conservative restorative material.

Custom-made of porcelain or other esthetic materials. These additional dental services are used when damaged or decayed teeth require more than a filling, but not the full coverage of a crown.

Additional dental services used to eliminate uneven chewing surfaces. With this procedure, our doctors gently reduce discrepancies on enamel surfaces to achieve an even interface when upper and lower teeth bite together.

Area of dentistry devoted to preventing dental disease and promoting oral health. These additional dental services include routine cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments, sealants, athletic mouthguards and oral cancer screenings.

Performed to restore health to severely decayed teeth or those with internal (pulpal) infection. With these additional dental services, we gently cleanse the pulp and canals of a tooth, and strengthen its structure from within by placing a special filling material.

Helps prevent TMJ problems and damage such as wear, cracks or chips in teeth. We treat teeth grinding with additional dental services such as nightguards and occlusal adjustment.

Removes excess, overgrown or infected gum tissues from around teeth. A gingivectomy may be performed to improve gum health, manage gum disease or create a more esthetic gum line.

Performed to remove severely decayed, broken, failing or otherwise hopeless teeth to promote better oral health. These additional dental services may be recommended for Austin, TX, patients with impacted wisdom teeth, retained baby teeth and in preparation for dental implant placement.

The benefits of our additional dental services

  • Full-service treatment from one location
  • Offers the ultimate in convenience
  • Greater accuracy
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Fewer dental appointments
  • Multiple services in one visit
  • Care from a dentist familiar with your comprehensive needs

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