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Teeth Whitening - Austin, TX

The Power of a Bright, White Smile

A Simple Solution That Delivers
Transformative Results

Whiter, brighter teeth can make a significant difference in the cosmetic appearance of the smile, and positively impact your self-confidence. At 8118 Dental Professionals, we proudly offer effective teeth whitening services to transform your smile and help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Teeth whitening can be performed as an individual procedure or as part of a total smile makeover . Our teeth whitening solutions work by penetrating the enamel surface of teeth, gently erasing yellow or brown stains that have set in over time. No matter your goals for your smile, we are confident this cosmetic dentistry solution can help you enjoy the youthful, radiant smile you deserve.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Creates a more youthful, vibrant smile
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Eliminates appearance of yellow teeth
  • Removes stains from coffee, tea and red wine
  • Enhances smile esthetics

The Convenience of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening system affords the ultimate in convenience to Austin, TX, patients. With this teeth whitening option, you can sit back, relax and unwind while our team applies our powerful whitening solution to your teeth. In-office teeth whitening is a great way to jumpstart the whitening process, often lightening the teeth six to eight shades in one visit (depending on the starting shade).

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Whiten on Your Own Time

Our take-home teeth whitening kits are an excellent alternative for Austin, TX, patients who prefer to whiten on their own time. Professional grade and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and pastes, our KÖR® take-home system is easy to use and delivers exceptional whitening results. We take impressions of your teeth to create customized whitening trays. This offers the best level of tooth coverage and safety for whitening teeth at home.

Enjoy the confidence only a bright, white smile can provide.

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