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More than forty-five years ago, a group of dental professionals came together with an idea to develop cutting-edge methodology in the treatment of oral health concerns. Thirty-five years ago, a team of 8118 Dental Professionals brought state of the art advancements in dental restoration and a deep concern for people. The idea was and is to offer dentistry designed around the individual.

Over time 8118 has become the leader in implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry, encouraging patients with the opportunity to reach the highest level of oral and systemic health.
The 8118 Dental Professionals specialize in full mouth rehabilitation, thereby overcoming patient fears associated with dentistry and develop comfort and peace in getting treatment. Our Doctors are engaged in continuing education in all aspects of dentistry and oral health. Their collaboration with other professionals engaged in implant system technology, advances the entire field with the latest methodology and techniques.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) and the COVID-19 Pandemic

8118 Dental Professionals is a privately owned dental practice serving the Austin area for over forty five years. Our vision is and has always been to form a partnership with our patients with the goal of achieving optimal oral health. We believe in a team approach to treatment with our three doctors with over sixty years of combined experience.

One of the most common ailments we see on a day to day basis is pain related to the temporomandibular joint. It is nine times more likely to affect women than men. It can come and go throughout one’s lifetime and range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.

With the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a steep increase in TMJ related pain in our office, referred to as temporomandibular disorder (TMD). The jaw joint is similar to other joints in our body – when overworked it can lead to pain, clicking, popping, and limited movement. Other associated symptoms can include headaches or back and neck pain. This can be draining on a day to day basis both mentally and physically. At 8118 Dental Professionals we understand how this can affect one’s quality of life if left untreated. We have invested heavily in continuing education courses related to properly diagnosing and caring for disorders related to the TMJ. TMD typically occurs when the teeth, muscle, and joint are not functioning in harmony. This can happen for many reasons. When this happens you tend to see symptoms arise in one or more of these areas. These symptoms can include cracking or breaking of teeth, pain in the muscles, headaches, or joint dysfunction.

Possible causes of this could be an uneven bite, clenching and grinding, muscle strain, or degeneration of the joint. When visiting our office you can expect a thorough evaluation of your bite and TMJ. We will evaluate your individual risk factors and customize an appropriate management protocol for you. Then, we will typically make a diagnostic device called a deprogrammer. This allows the muscles of the jaw to relax and places your jaw joint in its most ideal position. From there, we gain critical information for what your best treatment options would be. Treatment options range from treating the bite and teeth to jaw exercises to strengthen the TMJ system.

People tend to carry a lot of stress in their facial muscles. Between chewing and speaking throughout the day most people are not getting adequate rest periods. This can exacerbate any underlying issues with the TMJ there may be. With our diagnostic treatments we are able to ideally relax those areas to understand more of where each individual functions best. Leaving jaw problems untreated could lead to chronic debilitating pain and an inability to function normally when chewing and speaking. A well functioning jaw joint can allow us to live healthier lives.

Our doctors specialize in working together to treat these complex issues. If you have ever suffered from jaw, joint, or facial pain or are just curious about the health of your bite, we would love to see you for a consultation to discuss your individual needs. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Dr. Erica Elward

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Dr. Elward
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Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are a state of the art solution for missing teeth.  When a person loses one or more teeth due to oral disease or trauma it can be devastating for that individual and impact not only their ability to smile or chew, but also adversely affect their emotional and psychological state.  Before the advent of this technology, patients had to struggle with removable dentures that often would not stay in place, or allow for the function that people desired.  The other option was often a fixed bridge, that involved unnecessary work on additional teeth.  Both of these solutions were less than ideal, and often led to more extensive problems in the future, which necessitated even more dentistry.  At 8118 Dental Professionals, it is important that we provide a predictable, long-lasting solution to our patient’s problems.  With dental implants a one tooth problem has a one tooth solution! 

A dental implant restoration consists of 3 basic parts: the titanium implant itself, an abutment and a crown. The dental implant serves as a synthetic root replacement, and is placed into the bone where the tooth has been lost.  The top of the tooth above the gums is replaced with a connecting abutment and permanent porcelain crown.  No other teeth have to be sacrificed or compromised.  It looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.  The placement of a dental implant can be a simple surgical procedure with a high rate of success when done by an experienced dentist.  When selecting a dentist to place a dental implant or multiple implants, a combination of experience, technology and quality of materials is critical for a successful outcome.  At 8118 Dental Professionals we have been placing dental implants for over a decade.  We offer both single-tooth and multiple-tooth replacements including replacement of all of the teeth when there are no other options for the patient. 

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My Confidence Level Has Skyrocketed After My All-On-4 Dental Implants

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An Experienced Team

With a combined experience of 60 years in dentistry our doctors are both skilled and experienced including graduating from the prestigious Kois Center, and pride ourselves on continuing our education to provide the most up to date information and techniques available.  We use 3D CBCT technology that allows us to plan the ideal surgical and restorative aspects of the procedure before any treatment begins. Additionally, we only use dental implants that have a proven history of predictable results and success rates.  Our materials are backed by the highest level of research to ensure successful, predictable outcomes.  Furthermore, for the placement of the abutment and crown we only use the highest quality labs for their fabrication, and only use authentic, manufacturer-specified parts. Another important consideration for our patients is often the convenience that we provide them. As a full service dental practice we can perform all aspects of the procedure at one location, giving our patients not only convenience, but peace of mind that there is ownership of both the implant placement and restoration.

For patients who are faced with the very difficult condition of losing all of their teeth or who are suffering with dentures, at 8118 Dental Professionals we are experts at full arch or full mouth tooth replacement. The procedure often referred to as All on Four, or Teeth in a Day, restores individuals to full function of natural teeth when the final permanent implant bridge is placed. This means they can smile and eat anything they would eat with healthy natural teeth.  When the decision was made to implement the All on Four procedure into our practice, we were committed to the highest level of understanding. Dr Deutsch traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to train under the inventor of the procedure, Dr Paulo Malo.  We have implemented the procedure into our practice as it was designed, without cutting corners, or compromising the results for our patients. With this amazing combination of skill and technology our team of doctors have helped so many people transform their smiles and live again. 

Our doctors specialize in the development of the human connection and doctor/patient relationships. We are making a difference in people’s lives every day because we really do care and it’s all about helping people.

Our patients rejoice in the life-changing experience of that “light up the room”’ smile and the confidence that is a natural by-product of having overcome an issue that can be devastating.

If you are thinking about replacing missing or failing teeth with dental implants, give us a call for a free 3D scan and consultation. Our doctors and team would love to help you in your decision-making process with additional information.  Also, if you need help with securing financing we have staff who can help you through the healthcare financing process. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Kevin Deutsch
Partner Dentist at 8118 Dental Professionals

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