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Advanced Dental Care You Can Afford

Affordable Dentistry

Some patients need basic dental treatment, while others require more advanced procedures to restore and maintain a beautiful smile. If you are concerned about dental implant cost or treatments that fit within your budget, you can trust that 8118 Dental Professionals will take care of you with affordable fees. Our team is pleased to work with you and your budget to develop a treatment plan that not only delivers exceptional results, but one that fits within your financial plans. Don’t delay or brush off receiving the dental care you deserve, there are options for you.

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of Uninsured Americans Skipped Necessary Dental Visits
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of Adults Over 35 Know Little, If Anything, About Gum Disease

Convenient Financing Options For
Advanced Procedures

While some advanced procedures may not be fully covered by insurance, there are options available to cover out-of-pocket costs. We recommend third-party financing plans like CareCredit™, Proceed Finance, and Lending Club to cover some of the extra costs you may incur. If you are concerned about dental implant cost or any treatment, and need help organizing your budget, just give us a call for more information.

Financing Options For Advanced Procedures

To help make your treatments more affordable, we are proud to accept the following forms of payment for your convenience:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Third-Party Finance Options

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