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3 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Aligners

Traditional braces have been around for many years and have effectively improved millions of smiles. If you’re thinking about getting them, you will probably end up happy with your results. However, there is another treatment option you should know about that can deliver even greater benefits than standard aligners. Invisalign® is an innovative treatment that can bring your teeth into alignment fast. Here are three reasons to choose invisible aligners over traditional aligners.

  • No Protruding Parts

Standard braces are usually synonymous with protruding parts that can cause discomfort or embarrassment. Hard brackets can get caught on the inner tissue of your lips and/or cheeks, while wires tend to hold onto bits of food. Invisalign®, on the other hand, doesn’t have any components that stick out. The clear plastic aligners fit snuggly over your teeth and are smooth, so they feel more comfortable against your inner cheeks and lips.

  • Dietary Freedom

There are certain foods you should abstain from when you’re wearing traditional braces, including sticky, crunchy, hard and chewy treats and meals. These restrictions can make it difficult for someone wearing braces to enjoy barbeques, picnics and other food-centered gatherings. If you receive clear aligners you won’t need to worry about these types of restrictions because the aligners are removable. You can take them out whenever you want to eat and put them back in after you’ve cleaned your teeth.

  • Self-Confidence Boost

Invisalign® is a type of cosmetic dentistry in Austin, TX, that can boost your self-confidence. You’ll not only get straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile when wearing your clear aligners, but you’ll get these benefits without others even knowing you’re receiving cosmetic treatments. Clear aligners are the perfect solution for anyone who wants straight teeth without getting unwanted attention from metal braces.

Improve Your Smile

Drs. Tana Busch and Kevin Deutsch offer leading-edge cosmetic dentistry in Austin, TX, including Invisalign®. Schedule your consultation with us today by calling 8118 Dental Professionals.

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