Get the Smile You Always Wanted

If you’ve been thinking about your options for cosmetic dentistry, you have probably weighed the idea of veneers to correct slight alignment issues. Another option, and one that is more permanent, is an invisible one too. Invisalignworks to straighten your smile permanently, and the best part is that it’s less painful for most patients than traditional braces, as well as less visible.

How the Process Works

The system involves a sequence of aligner trays that each push the teeth slightly in the direction needed to correct misalignments. As the treatment progresses, monitoring appointments ensure your progress is on track while providing you with the new trays you need to continue. Each tray is invisible and only needs to be worn for 22 hours per day, so you will wear the trays at night, but you can take them out to eat.

Invisalign Teen

Recently, a teen version of this aligner tray system was rolled out. The biggest difference? A little blue dot that lets you know when the tray has been out of your mouth for too long, making it easier to be sure you’re using them as needed to get the results you want. It’s designed to help teens build habits, but it can be an option for anyone who needs a little extra help remembering to put their trays back in.

Make Your Cosmetic Changes Permanent

Cosmetic dentistry lets you get the smile you always wanted, so why not make as many of those changes permanent as you can?

  • Enjoy your new smile for years to come
  • Gain permanent speech and bite improvements
  • Make even brushing and flossing easier
  • Project more confidence in professional settings

For more information about your cosmetic options, contact us to make an appointment for a consultation. Once you have a chance to talk things over with Dr. Busch, you’ll have a better idea what to expect and what complementary cosmetic changes you might consider alongside Invisalign. Our staff is available during regular business hours, so call today.

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