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Are Dental Implants as Good as The Natural Teeth?

Are Dental Implants as Good as The Natural Teeth?
When it comes to losing teeth or having missing teeth this is not a fun experience for anyone especially because tooth loss also comes with a loss in confidence and lower self-esteem. When it comes to the cosmetic dental industry dental implants are becoming the most common solution for restoring missing teeth. Also, because they are a permanent solution, they provide the patient with the same benefits that natural teeth would. Dental Implants are though to be just as good as your natural teeth and this is mainly because they can function just like your natural teeth would. Also when natural teeth have either been loss or worse decayed the dental implants that replace them are a better solution for a patient.

First, a Look at How Dental Implants Work
First let’s examine exactly how dental implants work. They are made of titanium and are constructed into tiny posted that are surgically inserted into a patient’s jaw. They are implanted by using bone dust and then allowed to heal. After the implant is fully healed a dental prosthesis also known as a crown or a bridge, partial dentures,or a full arch of dentures, will be attached to the now healed dental implants. The dental implant works with the prosthesis by supporting it and anchoring it making it feel having natural teeth. This is a huge part of the reason dental implants are just as good as your natural teeth.

Differences between Implants and Natural Teeth

  • Gum and jawbone support – While your jawbone and gums will accept dental implants, the connective tissue supporting the implant establishes a weaker bond than with natural teeth. Home dental hygiene and dental office cleaning may be needed more frequently to protect the gum and root at the implant site.
  • Cavities – dental implants aren’t susceptible to cavities, though good dental hygiene is required to avoid developing gum disease.
  • Allergies – Some people may be allergic to the metals that are used in the dental implant. Commonly used metals include titanium and titanium alloys.

Similarities Between Natural Teeth and Dental Implants

  • Rooted – Both implants and natural teeth take root in the jawbone and are supported by the gums.
  • Durability – Because they’re both supported by the jawbone and gums, both dental implants and natural teeth are highly durable and reliable.
  • Appearance – crowns or dentures attached to dental implants are fabricated based on scans of natural teeth. Your protheses will look almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Get an Even Better Idea
If you would like to learn more about dental implants set up a consultation with your dentists to discuss your options. Also, doing so will allow you to have all of your questions about dental implants answered.


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