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How to Relax at the Dentist Office

How to relax at the dentist office | 8118 Dental Professionals 

It is a common misconception that dental procedures are painful and uncomfortable, which is why many people may develop anxiety when they are due for a visit. Luckily, there are various sedation techniques that help alleviate stress and fear, allowing the patient to have a pleasant experience.

8118 Dental has doctors that are certified in sedation techniques and can work with you to determine which option you are suitable for and prefer.

  • IV Sedation: an IV is placed in your vein and depending on the amount that is administered, you may feel slightly drowsy but still be able to talk or you may be extremely drowsy and not remember the procedure. However, you will not be unconscious if you choose this type of sedation.
  • Oral Sedation: this method is administered by a pill. The effects will feel similar to IV sedation and you will not be fully unconscious.
  • Local Anesthetic: this method specifically focuses on numbing a specific area. You will be conscious and aware of what is happening, but the area being treated will feel numb, so you will experience minimal pain or discomfort.
  • Nitrous Oxide: this gas (also known as “laughing gas”) will help you relax. It is not an incredibly strong anesthetic and combined with oxygen. This method is the most commonly used in children as it is safe and can be administered by the dentist themselves.

Sedation is great for patients not only who are fearful of getting a dental procedure done, but also for those who have sensitive teeth, a strong gag reflex, have to undergo multiple or lengthy procedures or have certain medical conditions. When using a form of sedation, in most cases, you will not remember the procedure. However, you can feel comfortable knowing that 8118 Dental makes your safety a priority and will monitor you throughout the whole procedure.

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