Technology in the Dental Practice (Part I)

Technology is rapidly changing every aspect of our lives.  It has the ability to change how we view the world around us.  It can add convenience, improve precision, and simplify our lives.  Have you ever considered how technology may impact the dental care you receive?  At 8118 Dental Professionals, we are constantly researching and investing in the technologies that we believe will most improve our patients’ health.  This includes improved diagnosis, predictability, and efficiency.  Our goal is not only to provide the best personal, empathic care, but also the most outstanding outcomes and health for our patients.


At 8118 Dental, Drs. Busch and Deutsch utilize the Galileos Comfort Plus 3D scanner, a dental-specific cone beam CT scanner (CBCT).  We have invested in not only the technology, but significant training to best understand and utilize it for our patients.  This allows us improved diagnostic and planning capabilities.  A short 14 second scan gives us a full 3-dimensional view of all of your facial structures at a low radiation dose.  Touring through the scan with you will allow us to show you everything you’d expect to see from dental imaging, and so much more.


Diagnosis:  We can evaluate all of the facial structures at a much higher quality, evaluating for any abnormalities, many of which can be missed by traditional radiographs (x-rays).  We can often find infections that are missed by x-rays, that have the potential to lead to painful toothaches, swelling, or inflammatory reactions impacting your overall health.  We will also use the scan as part of our evaluation of your tempromandibular joint (TMJ), and screen for airway issues that can cause conditions such as sleep apnea.
Early detection improves our outcomes and leads to less need for dental treatment in the future!


Planning:  The ability to see all of our dental structures in 3-dimensions allows Drs. Busch and Deutsch to plan all of your treatment at a level we’ve never seen before.  We utilize the scans to evaluate bone quality to predictably plan successful dental implant surgery, as well as make surgical guides.  We can plan each surgery up to tenths of millimeters!  In addition, we can evaluate your anatomy to more accurately and precisely complete other treatments such as endodontics (root canal therapy) and extractions.


3D scans have become a vital part of our patients’ treatment at 8118 Dental Professionals.  They have improved the quality of the care we provide in many facets, not to mention patients love seeing themselves in a level of detail they’ve never seen before!

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