tmj disorder

TMJ Disorder: Symptoms, Signs, And Treatment

TMJ Disorder
Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause a dental patient to have severe pain in their jaw and this in time can begin to affect their quality of life. For example, a patient’s severe jaw pain could cause them to have severe facial pain, which could affect their ability to bite or chew their food, and they could also begin to hear an unfamiliar clicking or popping sound when they open or close their jaw. To learn more about Temporomandibular joint disorder and some of the symptoms and signs please read more below:

Three Most Important Signs That You May Be Suffering From TMD

  1. Facial Pain
    One of the most important signs to determine whether or not you are suffering from TMD would be if you are experiencing facial pain or discomfort within your jaw or your mouth.
  2. Difficulty Biting and Chewing
    Also, if you are beginning to have trouble chewing or breaking your food down into smaller portions so that you can properly swallow and digest your food this could be a sign of TMD.
  3. Strange Clicking or Popping Sounds
    If you start to experience an unfamiliar clicking or popping sound when you are opening or closing your jaw, then this could be a sign that you may be in the beginning stages of TMD.


In addition, to the above mentioned three most important signs that you may be suffering from TMD There are other symptoms you should know about. TMD disorder can also be indicated by these signs:

  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Aching scalp pain

Schedule Your Consultation: Take Control of Your Jaw Health
If you are exhibiting any of these signs or experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms you may be suffering from TMD disorder. With that being said it would be very beneficial if you reached out to our office to schedule a consult with our doctor to have an exam performed and treatment if needed.

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